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Newton Connection Tools 1.1 - Release!
The new Newton Connection Tools for Windows implements the tools needed for a basic connection and Newton use. The main features are:
  • Newton package installation
  • Keyboard passthrought
  • Outlook Synchronization
  • Newton Package Manager
  • Import/Export from and to RTF documents
  • Newton backup and restore operations
  • Newton interface for application development
  • Application for import and export of Newton mails to and from Outlook mails
  • Network connection
  • Unicode support
Also, as a free tool is released the Newton Protocol development tools and the Newton Backup Viewer, distributed in the same package from the Newton Connection Tools for Windows. This release close the most important job done up to now, and opens the door for new developments comming from everyone. Current release support Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The comming on features are:
  • More import/export tools, specialy Newton Works import/export tools
  • More improvements
These are some screenshots. More can be seen in other area, where it is explained how each application works. How to order
You have to do a donation of 45 dollars to UNNA and put in the donation note "Newton Connection Tools supporting UNNA".
You are able to download and install everything, but you will not be able to connect your Newton until you enter the correct license code. The first time you connect, the software will disconnect immediately and you will see the newton information screen. Here you have to export your newton information data (a file nwi will be created) and send me that file . Morgan (administrator of UNNA) gonna tell me who has donated money, and with your newton information data and Morgan confirmation of the donation, I will send you the license code. The license code is forever, you will not have to buy another license later. It allows you to authorize any future release of this software and because it is a per-newton license, it allows you to run as many copies of the software as you want. On the other side, you have to buy as many licenses as newton you want to use with the Newton Connection Tools.