Deep Freeze Unfreezer

Deep Freeze Unfreezer !

Learn how to bypass Deep Freeze


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Deep Unfreezer is a tool that allows you to change the state of Deep Freeze without needing the password.


Deep Unfreezer was successfully tested on the following versions of Deep Freeze:


Windows 9X:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


Windows 2K/XP:,,,,,,,,,, (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched), (not patched/patched),,, and


This program is potentially dangerous and may crash the computer or even corrupt the system and cause a permanent failure. It should be considered a last resource. Before running the program you should make back up copies of the system registry and the configuration file of Deep Freeze. The author takes no responsibility for any damage this program may produce.


Deep Unfreezer 1.6 (99 KB) (Windows 9X/2K/XP)

Deep Unfreezer 1.6 UNICODE (100 KB) (Windows 2K/XP) (*)

Deep Unfreezer Manual


(*)The UNICODE version is generally used on  Windows versions that use languages with wide characters like Chinese or Japanese.


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