Listen to radio
Enjoy various styles of music from a host of live Internet radio broadcasts.
Record a station
Capture songs as they are broadcast and save them to play anytime or burn to CD.
Play your MP3s
Enjoy any of your MP3 files through the Cyberia Player, complete with equalizer.
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Welcome to the home of the Cyberia Radio + MP3 Player!

Cyberia Radio is a free streaming radio & MP3 player that enables you to listen to a host of live Internet radio stations whenever you are connected to the web. You can record songs from your favorite radio stations and save them as MP3 files to your computer. Cyberia Radio will even find lyrics to the songs you are playing.

Download the latest version 3.5 of Cyberia Radio today. It is absolutely FREE and very easy to use!

Cyberia Radio v3.5

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
56k Modem/ADSL/Cable

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